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There’s of great news about events and actions in Refugee Week, meetings with local and state politicians, refugees’ family reunion fundraising campaign and more.

Tamil Welcome Feast

Bookings are now open for Tamil Welcome Feast in Queenscliff. Join for a beautiful meal and company

Saturday, July 15, 6.45pm at Uniting Church, 85 Hesse St Queensliff

Book via TryBooking. Bookings essential.

Upcoming CRAG events

We’re planning three events we hope will all be able to take place this year.

Many people think the needs of refugees have been met, with permanent visas being granted and people being moved off Nauru, so there’s been a decline in interest in hearing about the issues of safety and permanency for refugees.

However, people seeking asylum are still at high risk of mental, physical, financial stress and continued family separation, when they don’t have visas, are facing appeals, managing complex medical issues and some facing return to dangerous home countries.  We also want to celebrate their resilience, courage and presence in our communities.

We hope to keep the conversation and support going by holding:

  1. A Forum – a conversation among eminent people including David Manne from Refugee Legal, Faith Leaders and people with lived experience of seeking asylum. This is planned for early September

  2. An Exhibition – 2013 marks 10 years since CRAG was started in Geelong, with the support of hundred of locals at street marches and town hall meetings. We are collating a photo and poster exhibition at the Geelong Library, to show 10 years of advocacy with people seeking asylum, and the amazing efforts of so many people over the years. Refugees are still here contributing to the richness of our region and we want to acknowledge them and the many volunteers who have helped. This is in late September for 3 weeks into October.

  3. Jam For Refugees music event – Terry Norman ran a beautiful concert experience last year at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Geelong to raise funds and awareness, a day of classical music from individual and community performers. A 2nd great event is planned for Sunday October 28th.

All these events take time, money, planning, coordination and resources, both in money and people. We would be very appreciative if you could consider our request for voluntary membership below, to help raise funds to organise these events as well as for our general costs.

Equally we would love people to volunteer, come and get involved in these fun and meaningful events. Contact us on combinedrefugeeactiongroup@gmail.com.  

Voluntary membership contributions

A regular reminder that CRAG members with the means are encouraged to chip in to our general fund, which pays for administrative expenses (such as this website) and ensures we’re able to effectively carry out our work.

Contributions can be made using the details below:


BSB: 033226

Account Number: 494139